Self-Powered Home

Lioness provides constant, reliable power to the home, eliminating the efforts of load shedding. LionESS all-in-one solution converts solar energy into usable stored energy for your home or business. Our plug & play solar panels will power the home as well as charge the LionESS during the day. If there is not enough sunlight, Eskom will power the house and charge the LionESS. At night, the home will effortlessly be powered through the stored energy from LionESS.

Goodbye Loadshedding & Power Outages

  • Peace-of-mind during power outages – Security systems, gates and garage doors remain powered.
  • Silent Operation – No more noisy generators or midnight trips to buy fuel and candles.
  • Ready-To-Connect Solar Panels – For 5000W of free solar energy during the day.
  • One-Box Compact Solution – In a classy brushed stainless-steel finish.
  • Zero Maintenance with Life-Long Lithium Ion Batteries – 5 years guaranteed, potential up to 10 years usage.
  • One Price – Includes VAT + delivery + certificate.

Saving The Environment

  • Drastically Reduce Dependency on Coal-Based Power – Use solar energy during the day connected directly to LionESS.
  • Monitor Carbon Footprint – Easily keep track of improvement initiatives in the home.
  • Accurate Measurements – Measure CO2 savings for carbon tax reporting.

Save Money With Renewable Energy

  • Real-Time Saving Reports – Daily, monthly and annual savings shown in local currencies.
  • Disconnect Power-Hungry Appliances – Such as swimming pool pumps & kettles during peak municipal charge periods through the LionESS App.
  • Use Battery Power From LionESS – During peak municipal power charge periods and recharge batteries during cheaper periods.
  • Export Savings Reports – Monitor energy saving methods as well as combined savings over time.

Affordable Home Automation

  • Remotely Turn On/Off – Lights and appliances, or set schedules to do so automatically.
  • Disconnect Power-Hungry Appliances – To increase backup battery time during power outages.
  • Sound a Siren – In an event of an intruder or detection of movement, a siren will automatically be sounded.
  • Monitor Activities – Through a HD camera with bidirectional sound such as from the baby’s room or driveway.
  • Get Notifications – Immediately get notified when the medicine cabinet or entrance doors open/close with door sensors.
  • Upload & Save Live Camera Footage – Cloud services are available for insurance purposes.

About Us

LionESS offers green energy solutions for the African continent. LionESS has partnered with global leaders in inverter, battery and solar products, and is able to supply and integrate solutions to local needs.

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